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December 28, 2012 - Norfolk To Key West, Pine Island, FL anchorage (pg. 61)
Due to recent storms, the northern entrance to the Pine Island Anchorage may have shoaled to the point where were are no longer recommending its use. Please anchor in the southern portion of the oxbow where depths are reported to be consistent with chart data. Thanks to Barb and Roy Masinton on S/V Waterdog for the information. They advised wind blew them aground while entering the northern portion of the oxbow.

December 16, 2012 - Norfolk to Key West, Little Crawl Key, FL anchorage (pg. 89)
Although charted depths would have you believe you can cut the first series of markers into Little Crawl Key and enter between G 11 and R 10, we no longer recommend attempting this. Please honor all markers present beginning with G 1 and R 2. The lowest depth we saw was 4.3 feet at MLW in the center of the channel between R 8 and 10. The rest of the channel is 5 feet or more.

October 3, 2013 - The Bahamas, Sampson Cay (pg. 40)
The marina and facilities at Sampson Cay are now closed to the public. Landing is not allowed without permission from the owner. Anchoring is still OK.

October 3, 2013 - Norfolk To Key West, Belhaven, NC (pg. 10)
The Town Dock near the hospital in Wynne's Gut is no longer free. The town is now charging $1.00 per foot with electric additional. The second dock located to the northwest past R "12" at the Cooperage is still free overnight with a 72 hour limit at both.

December 17, 2013 - The Bahamas, Spencers Point anchorage (pg. 76)
Please note that the west longitude contains a typo and should read W 077.00.400. Please make a correction in your copy.

December 17, 2013 - The Bahamas, Strangers Cay Southwest anchorage (pg. 99)
Please note that the latitude and longitude contains a typo and the latitude should read N 27.07.770. The longitude should read W 078.05.355. Please make a correction in your copy.

January 25, 2014 - The Bahamas, Great Harbour - Inner Harbour anchorage (pg. 6)
Please note that the developer no longer allows boats to anchor in the Inner Harbour. Anchoring outside the Inner Harbour is now the choice. This is open to weather from the west.

April 14, 2014 - Hampton Roads and Norfolk to the Florida Keys - St. Johns River (pg. 123 to 127)
The proliferation of Water Hyacinth and Hydrilla on the waterways south of Lake George may affect some of the anchorages. In certain areas the vegetation has filled in sections of creeks, small lakes and oxbows and can reduce the available space for anchoring. Portions of creeks and oxbows might be limited and the width available for swinging room narrower. We did not find any anchorages closed off completely, but consideration should be given for planning purposes. The Corps of Engineers does spray herbicides to control plant growth and the movement of the vegetation keeps the situation in a state of change.

July 1, 2016 - Hampton Roads and Norfolk to the Florida Keys (pg.81, 84 and 85)
Beginning July 1, 2016, it will be illegal to anchor at any time during the period between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise in the following two locations. The section of Middle River lying between Northeast 21st Court and the Intracoastal Waterway in Broward County (pg. 81).Sunset Lake in Miami-Dade County (pg. 84). Belle Isle between Rivo Alto Island and Di Lido Island, San Marino Island and San Marco Island, and San Marco Island and Biscayne Island (pg. 85). There are exception to these new regulations enacted by the Florida Legislature.The exceptions are for mechanical breakdown or inclement weather conditions or vessels engaged in fishing, lines must be attended.

September 1, 2016 - The Chesapeake Bay (pg.102)
A mooring field has been installed in the anchorage area opposite the marinas in the Washington Channel at mile 103.5E on page 105 in the Potomac River section. Anchoring in this area must now be found outside the mooring field, use a mooring or a marina slip to visit the downtown Washington, DC rea.

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Reviews from Our Users

I just purchased your book while preparing for 2 months in the Bahamas on my Nordic Tug 42. The book is excellent and I view it as a must have companion to some other guides, including Active Captain. Your format is very simple and clean, and I like that. Regards.
--Chip Starkey, Hercules - Nordic Tug 42, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wanted to give some feedback as you requested. After reviewing The Great Book Of Anchorages, Bahamas, It is a book that has been long needed. More Anchorages than was expected in the book. Laid out in an Organized (easy to find) manner. Not cluttered with a lot of unnecessary information. Thanks for the book. It will have a spot Top Center on our Nav Station to be used on each leg of our trip.
--Jeff and Tammy Lassere

Chuck and Susan,
We have used your book travelling south and found the anchor icons to be of great help. We have anchored at several locations that were new to us based on your book. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the FL west coast book.
--Joe, Connie & Buster (mariner dog) M/V Chesapeake

Hi Chuck,
This is Randy Hondros from Atlantic Beach, NC. We left Sunday on our trip south to FL and on to Bahamas. I want to give a shout out to your East Coast Anchorage book. It is great! We have used it the last three days to select anchorages and the detailed information has proven invaluable. It takes all the guess work out of choosing an appropriate anchorage. Any east coast cruiser should have a copy on board. Thanks!.

We just recieved both editions of The Great Book of Anchorages. Wow what a great purchase we've made. Tons of important information and valuable reading. We will definately put these to good use soon. Hope to see you on the water.
--Will & Denise Stott

Just received my copy and have looked through it. It appears to be exactly what I wanted/needed. By including the small chart pictures, it is easy to visualize the anchorage and compare to the chart plotter. Comments on depths to approach and anchorage are very helpful and often missing from other "authoritative" sources. I've spot checked it to anchorages I have personally used and your information appears to be "dead on". I will highly recommend to my cruising friends.
--Rick Brown, USCG Licensed Captain

Chuck & Susan.
We have really enjoyed using The Great Book of Anchorages / Norfolk to FL Keys. As you know, this is at least our 5th passage through these waters and you get set on a group of anchorages based on how fast you want to get where you're going. This year we did not need to get anywhere fast so we opted to do as many new anchorages as found in the Great Book - I think we managed to do at least 9 new ones (in addition to many that we had already 'hooked-up' in). All information provided / appraoch, depth, dockage, protection / was spot on. We will be making more movement south and exploring new recommendations and are looking forward to using the The Bahamas Edition..
--Stew & Diana K, S/V Casual Class

Hi Chuck and Susan.
Firstly, we love your new publication, The Great Book of Anchorages. Exactly what we were looking for as we head off to the FL Keys in about a month. We've noted in our ChartKits a great majority of the anchorages we can manage with our boat and really appreciate the comments section included with each site... We definitely will be taking 'The Great Book of Anchorages' along with us. Thanks so much for compiling this useful book.
--Barb & Roy M, S/V Waterdog

I was finally able to pry the book out of Bill's hands to read it today - great job! Finally a book dedicated to boaters like us who like to stay off the beaten path! The Great Book of Anchorages is an excellent resource for anyone heading down the ICW - intuitively laid out with keen insights on approaches & amenities at each locale. Kudos to you both for putting this together; it will be a tremendous asset on our trip south. We can't wait for the next installment, the Bahamas edition!
--Bill & Elisa O, S/V Phoenix

This is the book we wish we had on our first trip down the ICW. Heck, we wish we would have had it on the last trip.
--Mitch T, S/V Shadow Marie

"The Great Book of Anchorages" is the most knowledgeable resource we have ever seen!
--Paul and Gail P, S/V Opportunity

A great book for cruisers that want to save money. The layout is clear and to the point. The charts are helpful in seeing the anchorage features and the comment box is insightful. Overall this is a great book, lots of information and the price is right.
--Pete and Jan H, M/V Norseman

Hey guys......very very nice publication. This looks very exciting, and much better than that "that other anchorage book"......I got a bloody headache just trying to remember all the codes! Good job on the pricing of the publication too......right in there.
--Janice and Dorsey W, S/V Sun Dazzler

Not only will I recommend this book as a must have navigational tool to those attending my seminar, "Sailing South, First Timer's Guide to the ICW", it will be in my own cockpit on this, my 20th trip on the ICW. Great job guys.
--Wally Moran, creator of the video, Sailing South, First Timers' Guide to the ICW

News and Announcements

Media Release

Sarasota, Florida - September 4, 2012 -- Publishers Chuck Baier and Susan Landry announce the formation of Beach House Publications and the first in a series of new and comprehensive anchorage books. Chuck and Susan have been long-time active cruisers for decades with tens of thousands of miles under their keel. They're both freelance writers and have been published in most major boating publications including Soundings Magazine, Southern Boating, Good Old Boat, Sail, Bluewater Sailing, Marinalife Magazine, Cruising World, Live-Aboard Magazine and a host of Internet sites. Chuck is the former General Manager and Susan the former Editor of Waterway Guide. Chuck provides important navigational notices and safety information to boaters through the Marinalife website. Susan has been compiling and editing their first publication.
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Collaboration with Wavey Line Publishing

Media Release

Sarasota, Florida - August 5, 2013 -- Publishers Chuck Baier and Susan Landry of Beach House Publications announce their collaboration with Wavey Line Publishing, producers of Wavey Line Charts, for the newest The Great Book of Anchorages, The Bahamas, scheduled for release in September 2013.
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Media Release

Sarasota, Florida - October 2, 2013 -- Publishers Chuck Baier and Susan Landry announce the release of their Bahamas edition of The Great Book of Anchorages.
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Media Release

Sarasota, Florida - March 10, 2014 -- Publishers Chuck Baier and Susan Landry announce the release of the third installment of The Great Book Of Anchorage series. The Chesapeake Bay, Including The Potomac River encompasses anchorages along the Chesapeake and its tributaries from Chesapeake City in the north to Lynnhaven Inlet on the southern Bay and includes both the eastern and western shores plus the Potomac River.
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